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Pictured in header image:  The Trans Pennine team join us for the day at High Borrowdale

Last year we were joined by a group of staff from Trans Pennine and they helped us out at Middle Bleansley, Broughton, taking off tree tubes.  They must have enjoyed it because they have been back to help again this year, this time at High Borrowdale for, yep, more tree tube removal, but at least they got to see a different type of tree tube!

Pictured:  Volunteer team talk at High Borrowdale, planning actions for the day

The first task of the day was to evict the sheep who are total experts at breaking through the deer proof fences and walls to get into the allotment to graze. It’s really difficult ground to gather without sheep dogs as there are so many gullies the sheep can run down and then double back. But with 30 of us, a record for the year, we could spread out and sweep the fellside.

Pictured: Success, not a sheep to be seen

We did it, all evicted, but it was a bit disconcerting on the way out that they were all hanging around by the boundaries plotting how to get in again once we had left!  We then turned to tree tube removal and more staking.  We emptied the barn only a few weeks ago to take some dumpy bags of tubes for recycling.

It is rewarding to pull the tubes off the fell, but more disconcerting feelings when the pile for the next recycling mission is already nearly up to the ceiling again. If anyone knows of anyone who would like to use our tubes for new planting schemes coming up this winter, please do shout as we would far prefer they are recycled for more tree use than recycled into further plastics.  Also with us were three young people from Kendal, one on an environment day from their employers Nat West Bank.

Pictured:  Volunteers enjoying a well earned lunch break

We greatly appreciate the help when employers let their staff join us for one or two days a year and it is encouraging that so many organisations now offer this to staff. If you work for someone and are allowed days out working for conservation or the environment and wish to join us, you are very welcome any time, just get in touch.

Our next work party is at Greenbank Wood,  Ambleside on 12th September where, ironically after planting all the trees at High Borrowdale, at Greenbank we are taking some out to allow more light to others to thrive.  Anyone is welcome and you can book here>