We've uploaded some short videos shot at our Coniston Fell Care Day to give you a taster of some of the activities on offer at our Fell Care Day events.  Try your hand at some upland path maintenance on the high fells; join a litter pick on foot or by canoe maybe? Have a go at dry-stone walling or rhododendron bashing or bridge building.  (Activities vary by event so do check details when published).  There’s an activity to suit everyone and, as always with our Fell Care Days, lots of cake to fuel you through your tasks. It’s a chance to make new friends and make a difference.

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Rhododendron Bashing.  Help us thrash this non-native invasive species!

Litter Picking.  Join us in making our spectacular landscape spick and span!

Tree Planting.  Help to replenish our tree stocks and make your mark for generations to come.

Upland Path Maintenance and Repair.  Grab a shovel or a brush and set to work on an upland path!

Dry Stone Walling.  Use your skills to help rebuild this iconic wall construction.

Canoe Litter Pick.  It'll be rubbish paddling along the shores , hopping out and gathering any unsightly junk!