The Farming Landscapes Project was a three year partnership between Friends of the Lake District and the Cumbria Farmer Network. It aimed to raise awareness of local produce and the link between farming, food and the landscape. It involved 65 farmers and volunteers, who were trained to organise and promote farm events, undertake training to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and make sure visitors' needs were met.

The events were very varied, ranging from walks on large commercial farms that produce food to compete with world prices to events on small part-time farms that specialise and sell into niche markets. 

Farming Landscapes outcomes included:

  • 126 farm events run, with 65 farmers, 55 volunteers, and 1,958 attendees
  • Farm event toolkit published for people wishing to run events in the future
  • Most attendees said they would change their food purchasing habits in the future as a result of the events.

A very good initiative to reconnect the public with agriculture and their food chain. Feedback from people attending very appreciative of opportunity to come onto a farm and hear from a farmer. All very positive, and great to have it organised by Farming Landscapes, thank you very much.

Local Farmer

Farming Landscapes was a real opportunity to get a snap shot of farming life and broaden my view on many things including farm income, animal welfare and farm diversification. Each farm offered a very different experience and this for me was really positive. Being able to visit and volunteer at a range of farms was key for me, without this the experience would not have been so rewarding.


If you would like to read our Farming Landscapes toolkit please click here.