20th November 2023

A revised application by the applicant on 1st November 2023 removes two very long, intrusive new zip wires above the tree line that had been proposed in the original application submitted on 24th March 2023.  What is now proposed is a ropes course element that is contained within the trees and close to the existing ropes courses and visitor centre.

Following correspondence with members of the community, Friends of the Lake District submitted a brief response on 9th November 2023 stating that based on these changes, it no longer objected to this application on landscape grounds and that it recognises the removal of the two long zip wires meant a lesser impact on new traffic generation. 

The new zipwires, which would have been significant separate attractions, detailed in the initial application were also a primary concern of residents, the Highways Authority, The British Horse Society and others too. 

Friends of the Lake District response 9th November 2023 (pdf)

You can view the applicant's revised application submitted 1st November 2023 via the LDNPA Planning Portal by searching by reference number 7/2023/2195 

Reporting in the Keswick Reminder this week has cited details from the applicant's original application and Friends of the Lake District's original response submitted on 25th April 2023.  This information is out of date, and is superseded by the revised application submitted by the applicant on 1st November 2023 and Friends of the Lake District’s revised response submitted on 9th November 2023.