12th November 2018

Friends of the Lake District welcome the opportunity to comment on this third Whinlatter Forest Plan. We are particularly appreciative of the meeting held with FC on 8th Nov which helped clarify certain matters. This is a huge area of upland forest with many landscape challenges.

Reviewing the comments we have made to the previous plans shows that there has been considerable progress in resolving some of the issues of earlier plans. These include :-

  • Changes to coupe shape to reduce landscape impacts, eg the reduction in skylining around Widow Hause, changing patterns on the slopes of Grisedale Pike and changes at Darling How and Hobcarton.
  • Commitment to restore the PAWS sites with native broadleaves.
  • Inclusion of more native woodland. 

There are a number of  generic issues on which we would like to comment, plus specific more detailed comments on the sections of the plan. See Whinlatter FDP response nov 18 (pdf) for a detailed response.