Our projects are grouped into three areas of work broadly relating to these themes although many projects will deliver against more than one. In addition we have a cross cutting aim that will be delivered across all three themes - To ensure the sustainability of our project and its long term legacy by bringing together communities, farmers and businesses, to build skills, capacity and understanding, thereby ensuring a strong and secure socio-economic base for the future care and conservation of the area.


The projects proposed for this theme are:

- Revealing the Foundations - will reveal and conserve important geological sites throughout the area, increasing people’s understanding of the link between geology and building materials and improving access, visibility and information.

- Walls, Tofts and Strip Enclosures - will carry out historic and condition surveys, and where appropriate repairs, of walls enclosing the long narrow medieval strip enclosures – tofts - and other significant walls in the landscape such as the medieval deer park walls at Ravenstonedale.

- Sense of Place - will involve local people in the identification, conservation and interpretation of small scale man-made landscape features, such as boundary markers, churn stands, pole gate stoops and sheep folds, and also of local traditions, place names and folklore which provide a tangible link to past generations and contribute to local distinctiveness.

- Traditional Buildings - will involve local people in the survey and recording of traditional buildings throughout the project area. A database of plans and photographs will be collated and a summary document of significant local building styles and features collated. Important buildings in need of repair will be identified.

- Local Archaeological Surveys - will involve the community in the identification and survey of the diverse range of historical and archaeological landscape features surviving on Orton, Asby and Birkett Commons.

- Through the Keyhole at Little Asby - will train volunteers in excavation and recording techniques, and undertake keyhole excavation of sites on Little Asby Common to gain valuable evidence for dating and chronology of these often multi-phased sites.

- Our Common Heritage - will focus on common land, commoners and commoning in the project area.  Themed oral history research will be carried out by volunteers working with Commoners. Photographs of past heritage and activities will be collected.

- Love your Landscape - will provide small grants for local communities and organisations to explore, unlock, share and care for aspects of their local landscape.


Projects proposed under this theme are:

- Monuments at Risk - will focus on three Scheduled Monuments within the project area classed as at risk by Historic England; Smardale Limekiln, Crosby Barrow and Sheiling. Work will involve survey, conservation and enhanced management, and also improved public access and information.

- Grasslands are Great - will focus on species rich grasslands, primarily calcareous grassland, upland hay meadows and roadside verges. It will include the creation of a roadside verge nature reserve, celebration events and handy i.d. booklets as well as conservation and improved management of grasslands.

- Hiding the Lines – this project will work to underground 200 metres of visually intrusive overhead lines in and around communities in the Westmorland Dales.

- Woods, Trees and Hedges - will look at woods, trees and hedges across the landscape with a view to restoring connectivity, age structure and diversity. It will assess the condition of ghyll woodlands and the potential impact of ash dieback and other plant diseases, as well as the scope for improving resilience. It will also highlight the role of trees as vertical habitats in and around other high value natural habitats.

- Skills for the Future: Apprenticeships - will create an environmental and cultural heritage conservation apprenticeship scheme based in the landscape. This will offer apprenticeships to 13 individuals.

- Rough Fell Country - will build the capacity of the farming community to help them to sustain the cultural heritage of the area. It will also support two young people from the area through a Skills Development Programme which will arrange work experience on host farms coupled with a training bursary.

- Securing the Future - will provide additional training for volunteers and establish a framework for the coordination and promotion of volunteering opportunities in the area beyond the lifetime of the project. Many of the projects within the scheme will provide opportunities for volunteers to develop skills and work to conserve the landscape and its heritage.

- Changing the Course, Slowing the Flow – will undertake channel realignment, restoration of natural processes and bankside vegetation, and measures to slow the upstream flow rate in the Lyvennet and Scandal Beck, both tributaries of the Eden.


Projects proposed under this theme are:

- Drove Roads: a Meeting of the Ways - will look to increase understanding of the history of journeying through this landscape and explore links between the historic drove roads and modern long distance routes. Spurs and circular routes will be identified, improved and promoted.

- Discovering the Westmorland Dales - will promote “themed trails’ based on the special qualities and cultural heritage of the area. Walks from the Settle to Carlisle railway line will be identified and opportunities to develop cycling in the area, will be explored as will opportunities to create routes for the less able. The project will work with walking festivals at Kirkby Stephen and the Ride2Stride based along the Settle to Carlisle line.

- Distinctly Westmorland Dales - will work with local businesses to promote and encourage enjoyment of the area’s unique character and hidden heritage. Marketing material will be developed including a copyright free image library and ‘insider guides.’ Familiarisation days will be held.

- Interpret, Understand and Appreciate- an interpretive plan will be prepared for the Westmorland Dales area; this will include provision of a website, leaflets and some boards.

- Celebrating and Engaging – we will develop an engagement plan run, promote and coordinate events that complement the LPS and individual projects within it, including a strand for art based events and engagement. Work with schools will focus on the John Muir and Arts Awards schemes.