The preparation of local plans for the new authorities provides an opportunity to be far more ambitious for Cumbria in protecting our landscapes and cultural heritage, as well as in treating the climate and ecological crises as the emergencies they are.

It’s also an opportunity for Cumbria’s local plans to be more connected and mutually complementary in order to deliver the best for Cumbria and fulfull its potential, particularly in relation to transport.

We ask you to call for plans and decisions that:

  • recognise and respond to the true value of landscapes and their features and character, visual amenity, cultural heritage and wildlife and the true urgency of the need to tackle the climate and ecological crises
  • genuinely prioritise the re-use of existing buildings and  brownfield sites for new development; support the revitalisation of town and village centres and create communities that make active travel and public transport safe, appealing and convenient
  • consider and support imaginative ways to make more efficient use of the existing building stock and to ensure that additional homes do not result in the loss of or harm to landscapes, green spaces, heritage and habitats, but instead create and enhance these
  • turn the tide on the number of homes lost from the local market through high levels of second-home ownership and holiday letting and ensure that new homes closely reflect genuine local needs in relation to size, type, tenure and affordability
  • require new development to be truly carbon neutral (right down to accounting for what is being lost by developing a site), energy and water efficient and with renewable technologies integrated into the design from the start
  • actively prioritise an approach to development that will nurture a role for Cumbria as a leader in the green jobs revolution

We ask you to make local plans that take a lead and put an end to the business-as-usual approaches to housing, transport and economic development that are failing Cumbria’s communities and our environment.