17th May 2016

The Environment Agency have given an extension to the notice period for the pumps for each of these areas, ie the date when they will look to turning the pumps off if no other solution is found. The Lyth pumps will now remain operational for another three years, and the Waver for another year. For the Lyth Valley, work will continue to establish whether it is possible to have a Water Level Management Board (IDB) and if there is support for this. For the Waver and Wampool, more work needs to be done to establish if there is support for taking the idea further.

26th October 2015

Proposals have now been delayed and further consultation is being undertaken.

Waver Wampool Newsletter (pdf)
Lyth Valley Newsletter (pdf)

15th August 2015

Consultation Responses:



15th July 2015
The Lyth Valley and the Waver and Wampool areas (Solway coast) have existing pump drainage systems for agricultural land. The Environment Agency are withdrawing funding for the pumps at the end of 2015, and there are proposals to form statutory Internal Drainage Boards funded by farmers and the local council in order to manage the drainage systems and fulfil other duties such as enhancing the environment. We will be considering whether the proposals  can meet the needs of both farmers and the environment.

More information - Lyth: lythvalleywlmg.wordpress.com
More information - Waver: https://waverwampoolwlmg.wordpress.com/

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