Update January 2024

Troutbeck Housing Plans Rejected

We were pleased to learn just before Christmas that an appeal against the refusal of permission for 5 large houses at Troutbeck has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector, who found that the harm to the landscape and heritage significance could not be outweighed by the public benefits of the development.  The site is identified as important for its special contribution to the landscape and settlement character of Troutbeck Conservation Area and we worked closely with the community to challenge the proposals.

We have also worked closely with the community to challenge proposals impacting on another site identified as important for landscape and settlement character in the Troutbeck’ Conservation Area Management Plan.  Four dwellings were proposed, again on a former orchard, close to two listed buildings, the Mortal Man hotel and Jawnie Wife House.  This was later reduced to two dwellings, but the proposal nevertheless remained harmful to the character of Troutbeck and to the setting of the listed buildings.

Troutbeck is highlighted as particularly special in terms of exhibiting many of the attributes for which the Lake District is designated a National Park and World Heritage Site.  Although all the houses in these applications were proposed for local occupancy, it is vital that the meeting of housing needs is achieved in locations and ways that do not compromise the very characteristics that make the landscape, including the settlements that form part of it, so special.

2 February 2023

Housing at High Green Troutbeck Refused

We are pleased to report that together with Lakes Parish Council and members of the local community, we have successfully challenged proposals for five large, luxury homes at High Green, at the northern end of Troutbeck.

The proposals sought the development of an area identified in the Lake District National Park's own Conservation Area Management Plan for Troutbeck as important for its special contribution to landscape and settlement character. The site is also identified as a former orchard (priority habitat) and would have been accessed via Troutbeck’s historic lanes, requiring sections of these designated bridleways to be widened and tarmacked.

This was the second time the proposals had been submitted, with the first being withdrawn. The revised plans altered the design of the new-build houses, to resemble 4 farmhouses with attached barns, along with another designed to look like a barn conversion, all clustered around a cul-de-sac. We successfully persuaded the committee to request a site visit and although the planning officer recommended approval, the majority of the planning committee agreed with our concerns.

Following our speech and another by a local resident at planning committee on Wednesday 1 February, they refused the application by 6 votes to 4.