Helm access latest

Unfortunately we have had to lock the gate after someone deliberately left the gate open twice last week (the second time lifting it off its hinges) resulting in the grazing cattle escaping - luckily there were no accidents on the road, but cattle did cause damage to someone's garden.

We have put up signs explaining why the gates are now padlocked and showing alternative points of access to our land.
We have also reported the incident to the police, who will send patrols around the area tonight.
It appears we are not the only local landowner who has experienced problems with gates being left open. Our cows have been removed from the Helm for the short term, and are back home in Coniston. The ponies remain in situ.

We will be sorting out a temporary fix for the gates, to make it more difficult for them to be deliberately left open / taken off their hinges, and also looking at longer term options, including kissing gates at the two places where the current field gates are padlocked. This will provide better permanent access for walkers and dogs. This will be done as soon as we can get contractors to do it, which will be next month at the earliest. We're very sad that the actions of a few have had such implications for so many people that enjoy walking on our land at the Helm.