Climate change is a serious threat to the landscape and environment of the County as well as to its population. Cumbria has already suffered greatly from climate induced severe weather events.

  • The new authorities must address climate change and its impacts in the county through implementation of policies on mitigation and adaptation; including
  • actively promoting domestic and business renewable installation, including large scale solar schemes on existing roofs;
  • significantly increasing domestic and business energy efficiency and a step change increase in insulation schemes to cut fuel poverty amongst Cumbria’s residents;
  • increasing the number of jobs and apprenticeships in green industries in order to put a qualified workforce in place to make these necessary improvements
  • The new authorities will need to continue to work with communities to encourage them to become more resilient in the face of increased climate induced storm damage and flood risk.
  • Following the successful climate jury process in several towns and villages across Cumbria, we would encourage the new authorities to consider running these across the county in order to involve, inform and empower communities to provide locally appropriate solutions to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • We urge the new authorities to continue to support Zero Carbon Cumbria’s 2037 net zero goal and to support and promote the work that is being carried out through the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership.