24th September 2015

We welcome UU’s decision to keep Cogra Moss as a reservoir and will be commenting on their plans in the new year. We have suggested that we now have an opportunity to look at the reservoir and its wider landscape in the longer term to see if we can enhance it and work together more to secure its future in partnership those who are passionate about its future, e.g. the angler and Friends of Cogra Moss. Click here to view / download UU briefing note (pdf)

11th September 2015

United Utilities: Lake District reservoir will not be drained

People power has triumphed against plans to drain a reservoir popular with walkers.

United Utilities has scrapped its proposal to drain Cogra Moss and instead repair work will be carried out on the dam, near Lamplugh.

Read the full story: http://www.friendsofthelakedistrict.org.uk/cogra-moss-resevoir/

3rd September 2015
We're expecting a decision from United Utilities on their preferred option shortly.

3rd September 2015


15th July 2015

United Utilities own Cogra Moss reservoir near Lamplugh. It is no longer needed for water supply and is surplus to requirements. Reservoir Inspectors have identified a number of issues that will need to be resolved. UU are undertaking cost benefit analysis and surveys to inform them and make a decision on whether they wish to keep the reservoir or discontinue it which will mean removing the dam in some form. The local community are very concerned about the landscape, access and angling issues. We will be consulted in September on the way forward.

United Utilities Statement - Briefing note- Cogra Moss Impounding Reservoir (pdf)

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