12th April 2018

Appropriate quiet enjoyment of the countryside is fundamental to people’s physical and spiritual well-being and should be available and accessible to everybody.

Large areas of Cumbria’s uplands possess their special quality because of the perception of wildness, the absence of man-made structures, their open nature and the feeling of tranquillity. In addition to their cultural and historic associations we value the freedom they offer for recreation and quiet enjoyment. We believe that recreation based on quiet enjoyment is the preferred way to enjoy these special qualities and landscape character and that this should be available and accessible to all.

We believe in developing opportunities for local people and visitors to experience the special qualities of the landscapes of Cumbria for health and wellbeing through quiet enjoyment in ways that minimise the impact on the landscape.

We support types and levels of recreation that do not compromise the special qualities of Cumbria’s landscapes, for example walking, cycling, canoeing, horse riding, climbing and sailing.

We will work with partners to minimise the impact of large-scale recreational events so that they are appropriate in scale, timing and location, by raising awareness of the special qualities of the landscape and encouraging sustainable travel.

We support the principle of areas where tranquillity is maintained and valued as a key part of quiet enjoyment.

We will encourage opportunities for everyone to be able to enjoy Open Access land, Coastal Access and the Public Rights of Way network for quiet recreation.

We believe in a sustainable tourism industry that places the environment of the Lake District and Cumbria first and enables local people and visitors to enjoy the special qualities of the county.

We will work to highlight the importance of tranquillity as a special quality to the tourism industry and work with partners to celebrate it.