These are specific solutions for this area that are already set out by the LDNPA as part of a wider Smarter Travel plan for the whole of the National Park. This is the plan that should be implemented instead of developing new car parks.

  • Coordinated efforts between the LDNPA, their partners and relevant agencies to push forward the delivery of the existing vision for a more strategic and sustainable approach to visitor and traffic management in the LDNP, including increasing the role of Keswick as a transport interchange hub;
  • Use of double yellow lines/clearways with appropriate controlled gaps/exceptions for exclusive use of users of locals, businesses and community facilities; 
  • Closure of the roads in the area around Catbells, in accordance with its designation as a ‘Traffic Managed Area’ in the Management Plan, Smarter Travel Plan and forthcoming Local Plan, including limiting exceptions for cars to those with mobility issues, residents, deliveries (including tradespeople with jobs in the area) 
  • Enhancing the service and incentivising use of the existing 77 bus; the boat services from Keswick; the Cumbria Way and other footpaths; and cycling as modes of travel between Keswick and the Catbells area