Working with five different sized communities across Cumbria, we commissioned Cundall’s to carry out Town-Village lighting audits to assess light pollution levels and identify the most significant sources of light pollution. Their report identified nearly 100 light pollution hot-spots. With the input of the relevant Town and Parish Councils, we will work with businesses and other bodies to help to tackle these problems. 

View / download the report here: Cundall's LAAP FINAL Report (pdf)

Lighting audits are usually only carried out for specific, usually large new developments and for Dark Sky Reserve areas. We want this new ‘whole-community’ approach to be adopted as standard practice to start to drive a reversal of growing light pollution levels (49% increase globally over the last 25 years). They will  provide essential baseline data to inform Local and Neighbourhood Plans, Climate and Biodiversity Actions plans and planning decision-making. 

With thanks to Kendal Civic Society and Kendal Town Council for their financial contributions.