1Undermining Plans for Sustainable Travel and a Low Carbon Lake District

The proposal directly conflicts with LDNPA’s own planning policies relating to the location of new car parks and when they would be allowed. This includes current policies and, to an even greater degree, those in their new Local Plan, which is expected to come into force imminently. It also conflicts with the National Park Management Plan and the vision for Smarter Travel in the Park. These all make clear that reducing travel by car to, from and within the Park is a top priority alongside providing a range of integrated, sustainable travel options. This would address carbon emissions and much better meet the Statutory Duty to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Park than building a new car park.

On the other hand, to allow a new car park in this location would undermine these plans and policies, putting plans for sustainable travel and a low-carbon Lake District on the back-foot before they even get started. Instead, LDNPA should stick to their plans and policies and follow the lead of Snowdonia National Park in working to implement them.

Traffic and parking issues and carbon emissions continue to rise and yet if we ignore the plans put in place and instead continue a business-as-usual approach, what would happen in another ten years? Calls to extend the car park? Calls to build another?