To the tune of “O Little Town of Bethlehem”, with apologies to Phillips Brooks and Lewis Redner

The power lines in the National Park,
Will now go underground.
National Grid’s announcement,
Caused joyfulness unbound.

Yet in the Park’s great setting,
And all around its edge.
The Grid is facing vast requests,
To make a further pledge.

The Duddon and the Whicham,
Are valleys beautiful.
To not visually destroy them,
We should be dutiful.

Their views inspired Wordsworth,
To extol them in verse.
To plant them both with pylons,
Would be a mighty curse.

So visit
To learn what you can do,
We’ll guide your letter writing,
To help make this breakthrough.

We’ve already made a difference,
We’ve seen what we can do.
Let’s carry on campaigning,
And see this project through.

Elsewhere Friends of the Lake District,
Has had a splendid year.
On August 1st extended Parks,
Meant we could raise a cheer.

And in the Dales of Westmorland
An HLF Grant.
Will unlock hidden landscapes,
To share and to enchant.

Our planning work involves us,
In projects great and small.
Influencing decisions,
Can benefit us all.

Major infrastructure,
Remains a serious fear.
Informed, constructive lobbying,
Makes our objectives clear.

We worry o’er the high fells,
Where does their future lie?
What hope for flood resilience?
Will family farming die?

This is a cultural landscape,
It shows the hand of man.
Our hopes and fears for future years,
Must help inform our Plan.