Thirlmere Activity Hub

20th February 2018: We have received confirmation that Treetop Trek has withdrawn its ‘Thirlmere Activity Hub’ planning application. It will no longer be considered by the planning authority.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you who took the time to write to the planning authority with your objections to the 'Thirlmere Activity Hub', to those of you that sent us such wonderful images (and paintings) of the Thirlmere valley, those who attended our rally, donated to our campaign and offered us support and encouragement in our efforts to stop this development.

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Experience of Zip Wires at another UNESCO World Heritage Site

We recently received an interesting article and images from one of our members, Peter Knowles. He has written about his personal experience of zipwire development over the Tara Gorge in Montenegro.


Zip wires over Thirlmere to boost Cumbria tourism? Who believes that?

When the LEP and Cumbria Tourism say that our businesses need greater visitor numbers, it is hard to argue, and yet visitor numbers are increasing already. Do we know why?


Single big hit for tourism in the Lake District is not the answer for Cumbria

A zipwire in Cumbria may well bring economic benefits, but not if it is in the wrong place and damages the unique landscapes that sustain Cumbria and its visitors, both spiritually and economically.


Zip wires over Thirlmere’s open waters. Should our hearts rule our heads?

Head versus heart decision? In this case, there is no conflict, and this proposed development should be refused.