Sourced from National Grid website detailing their North West Coast Connections project

'We are developing the North West Coast Connections Project (NWCC) because we need to connect and export the electricity that will be generated by Moorside, the new 3.4 GW nuclear power station that will be built near Sellafield in West Cumbria. We also need to export the power generated by new energy projects in the North West.

'There are existing Electricity North West (ENW) pylon lines which run around the west coast of Cumbria and Lancashire distributing the electricity used by homes and businesses across the region. Operating at 132kV and below, these lines cannot carry the amount of electricity a power station the size of Moorside will generate.

'This means that we need to build a new high voltage connection from Moorside to our existing National Grid electricity transmission network. The closest places on our network where these circuits can connect are over 50 kilometres (31 miles) away from the site.'