We feel that it is incumbent on NuGEN (Moorside's developer) to contribute to the cost of burying the electricity cables connecting their development and to help National Grid to put connections underground for the entire southern route from Drigg to Askham in Furness, including a tunnel underneath the Duddon Estuary.  National Grid has already gone a long way towards mitigating the project by stating it will underground the cables from Drigg to Silecroft, but they need to complete the job of protecting the Lake District, and financial help from NuGEN would go a long way towards sorting this out.

The Proposed Moorside Power Station

The Proposed Moorside Power Station

Kate Willshaw, Policy Officer,

“This isn’t a pro or anti-nuclear debate as far as we’re concerned, and we fully appreciate that we have to supply our country’s energy needs. Our point is that if it wasn’t for the Moorside project, there would be no need for these new 400kV lines around the west of Cumbria and the landscape damage that will be caused.

“We want NuGEN and National Grid to work together to develop measures addressing the cumulative impact of the Moorside and NWCC developments on our world renowned landscapes”.

Friends of the Lake District will be working to persuade National Grid and NuGEN that this is an opportunity to publicly embrace the significance of the Lake District National Park by working in partnership and ensuring that power connections are put underground, in tunnels or offshore.