A local referendum is to be held on 29th February 2024 to decide whether a new Neighbourhood Plan for Allithwaite and Cartmel should be brought into force as part of the statutory development plan for the area.  Friends of the Lake District strongly supported and advised on the inclusion of policies in the plan to protect dark skies and restrict new-build properties in Cartmel to permanent homes only, so it is great news that these policies are in the final document. 

Friends of the Lake District welcomed the inclusion of policy to protect dark skies and made some recommendations in response to consultations as part of the plans’ preparation.  As a result, we have ensured that the policy is robust and reflects the aims of the Dark Skies Cumbria project and our recently published Dark Skies Technical Advice Note

The plan also includes another policy we strongly supported requiring all new properties built in Cartmel to be subject to a principal residence policy, meaning they cannot be sold or used as second or holiday homes.  Both these policies are ‘firsts’ for Cumbria – no existing local or neighbourhood plan has a dedicated policy on dark skies or a policy that implements a ‘principal residence’ restriction, so it’s a real step forward that we hope other parishes and planning authorities will follow.  We’d urge any of our members and supporters that live in the parish to consider these policies when casting their vote on the plan.

More detail on the referendum can be found here https://www.southlakeland.gov.uk/planning-and-building/local-plan/neighbourhood-plans/allithwaite-and-cartmel-neighbourhood-plan/