Recording of our webinar broadcast on 3rd November 2021 is now available to watch below.

The development of turnpike roads in the mid-eighteenth century, funded from tolls paid by their users, meant that wheeled vehicles became far more common in the Westmorland Dales from that date. The village carrier had various roles, not just carrying goods for their customers from town to town. They had to be punctual, trustworthy and at times brave as Dr Karen Griffiths will explain in this talk based on the research she has been doing for the ‘A Way Through’ project.

  • Name: Westmorland Carriers: the supermarket delivery vans of their day
  • Duration: approx 30 minutes plus Q&A
  • Presented by: Dr Karen Griffiths

Pictured: 'The Orton Carrier' courtesy of Heather Ballantyne