The Lake District needs your help!

Soaring visitor numbers arriving to find insufficient facilities have created the perfect storm. Toilet paper is being picked out of trees and bushes. Bottles strewn along shorelines, barbecues abandoned and trees felled for campfires. In just one week, rangers filled 130 bags of rubbish dumped at local beauty spots. Normally they fill 10.

Wildlife is paying the price too. This tiny creature was trapped inside a discarded beer bottle. Thankfully it was found and set free. Others won’t be so lucky.

We will be organising widespread litter picks to help the National Park, and continue our campaign against litter, fires and other threats to our precious landscapes. By giving a gift today, you can help us continue our work.

As you know, the job of protecting Cumbria’s landscapes never stops. Even during lockdown, planning applications have continued, and some have posed a risk to landscapes. One developer re-submitted an application to build 90 new homes in a small Cumbrian village. Along with local communities, we voiced strong objections to the plans. The original application was rejected and we hope for the same result again.

But more threats are coming. As lockdown restrictions ease, new development trends are expected to emerge with new potential impacts on the landscape. We have to be ready to react and respond to these as and when they appear.

Please help us remain vigilant by giving a gift today.

We’re in a unique position in the charity’s history. For the first time in living memory, we’ve had to cancel all fundraising events for the year, and many of our usual funding sources are restricted or unavailable. Understandably, government and public support has been focused on charities leading the fight against COVID-19. But the truth is, we’ve never needed nature more. Its role in maintaining our wellbeing has been proven beyond all doubt by the pandemic.

When we’ve needed it, nature has been there. But nature needs us too. In fact, it needs us more than ever. 

Please support the Lake District today. Your gift will help us continue doing what we do best: protecting and enhancing the landscapes you love.

Thank you.