Cumbria has some of the darkest skies in the country, where the Milky Way is still visible, however the importance of our dark skies urgently needs recognising and protecting. Between 1993 and 2000 average night-time brightness in Cumbria grew 40 fold.

It is our ambition to attain Dark Sky Reserve status for the Lake District National Park, an internationally recognised accreditation, by 2020. We want to conserve and enhance people’s sense of tranquillity and gain recognition of the special quality of this dark sky landscape in the Lake District. 

Your donation will enable us to run educational and outreach community events, implement a Lighting Management Plan and help the National Park Authority and Local Authorities to enact this plan. Just one part of this work will be updating street lights to be more efficient, saving thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions and reducing the cost of lighting. The three-year project will culminate in the submission of the Dark Skies Reserve bid to the International Dark-Sky Association.

Please help us save our beautiful nocturnal landscape, and foster the sense of awe that a truly dark sky brings, so that future generations can share this same special landscape.

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