Help us prevent light pollution spreading across the Lake District.

When we think of pollution, we often think of plastic in the oceans or fumes from cars and planes. We don’t tend to think of the lighting from our buildings, streets and towns. It’s easy to think light pollution is harmless. But the truth is, it has grave consequences for wildlife, the environment - and even our own health.

But, here’s the good news. Whilst other types of environmental damage will take decades to reverse, light pollution in Cumbria is something we can tackle right now.

Reducing light pollution is surprisingly simple. Despite this, levels in Cumbria continues to rise. As part of our Dark Skies Project, we’ve developed a ground-breaking initiative to tackle the problem hands on. Working closely with several pilot communities, including Kendal, Buttermere, Lorton and Loweswater, we will measure artificial lighting in each area and identify those causing high levels of pollution. We will then work with property and business owners, helping them replace harmful lighting with dark sky-friendly alternatives.

By sending a gift today, you can help us lower light emissions in the Lake District and prevent more pollution in the future.

Light pollution affects far more than just climate change. Wildlife suffers too. Cumbria is home to nine of the seventeen UK bat species. Several of these are highly sensitive to artificial lighting. Harmful lighting near their roost can stop them venturing out to feed - in some cases, even entombing them in their own homes.        

Whilst the UK has extensive laws to prevent other types of pollution, powers to control light pollution are desperately limited. That’s why we’ll also be working with local authorities across Cumbria to encourage the adoption of policies to protect dark skies.

Your gift can help ensure Cumbria’s landscapes enjoy the same protection at night as they do during the day.

Over 85% of the UK population can no longer see the Milky Way, yet the Lake District still has some of the darkest skies in England. By supporting our Dark Skies Appeal, you’ll help protect our spectacular, star-filled skies and the wonderful wildlife that lives beneath them.

Or you can give by text to 70085 just message DARKSKIES along with your chosen donation amount (eg DARKSKIES 5 to donate £5). Standard message rates apply.  

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Image above: Ben Bush