Cumbria has some of the darkest skies in the UK – making it one of the few places in the country where the awe-inspiring Milky Way is still visible.

Dark skies not only reveal the phenomenal wonder of the stars but they are also critical for the health of nocturnal wildlife.

Sadly light pollution in Cumbria is growing year on year. Not only do unnecessarily bright lights threaten to obscure our beautiful night skyscapes, they also blind and confuse nocturnal animals so that they can’t feed or find a mate.

As Cumbria gets brighter and brighter we will lose our special, astral views AND our precious wildlife.

So we need urgent action now to protect our dark skies and stop light pollution. This is why we are leading a project to gain internationally recognised ‘Dark Skies Reserve’ status in Cumbria by 2022.

Achieving this special protected status will help us ensure that we can continue to experience the amazing stars and that nocturnal animals can safely feed and breed.

Stargazers and wildlife lovers alike - please help. Donate today.

Or you can give by text to 70085 just message DARKSKIES along with your chosen donation amount (eg DARKSKIES 5 to donate £5). Standard message rates apply.  

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