Role Title:

Microsoft Excel/Access Support for Planning


FLD Murley Moss Office

Your Role.

Setting up a spreadsheet or database to comprehensively and accurately record details of planning applications responded to by FLD

What’s in it for you?

The opportunity to support and learn more about the planning work of FLD. Your work will enable us to report more efficiently on the number and type of applications we respond to. This in turn helps us to demonstrate the work we are doing, the difference we are making and our reasoning for certain responses but also will help us have all the information more readily to hand to debunk myths that we ‘object to everything’.

Time commitment.

Initial set up: as long as it takes to undertake the task (we’d expect no more than a week in total for someone with the right skills working on it for a few hours each working day i.e. c.15 hours – this need not be all in the same week)

There may be a need to assist in making tweaks or amendments to the spreadsheet/database beyond the initial set up


Ideally we would like the work to be completed by the end of calendar year 2021.


Moderate to high level of competence with Microsoft Excel and/or Access, including use of cell formulas and report generation as appropriate


Lorayne Wall – Planning Officer

Task suitability.

No outdoor or physical work involved. Suitable for anyone with the relevant skills set. We wold prefer someone who is able to work at the Murley Moss Office although we could consider an alternative e.g. working from home if absolutely necessary.

Task grade.

Easy/moderate for someone with relevant skill set

How to apply.

Please contact the office on 01539 720788 or [email protected] to register your interest

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