We need winter images for our 2017 Christmas cards and year round images for our 2018 calendar. We’re confident that somewhere in your collections or gathered on trips out and about in 2017 you will stumble across the perfect image for our 2018 calendar or snap a winter scene perfect for our 2017 Christmas cards.

We’ll use five winter images in our 2017 Christmas card sets and one image for each month of the year for our 2018 calendar.

Submitters of images used on our 2017 cards and calendar will receive a complimentary set of our 2017 Christmas cards and our 2018 Calendar. You will also be fully credited for your image/s.

Closing Date 16th June 2017


To enter the competition, please download and complete a photographic competition entry form, complete and email to us together with your image/s.

Entry Form

Do not fill in the form if it opens in your browser window because then the data may be lost. Instead save the blank form and open it with Acrobat Reader or Acrobat itself before filling it in.

If you have any issues downloading or completing the entry form, just add the following information to your email. As long as it is complete we'll be able to enter your image/s.

  • Your name
  • A contact email address
  • A phone number (optional)
  • Your age (optional)
  • A description of your image. Location and time of year if known.

Please email images with completed entry forms to chris-james@fld.org.uk

We'll leave the content up to you but here's a paragraph about Friends of the Lake District to provide some inspiration.

Friends of the Lake District is an independent charity and the only membership organisation dedicated to enhancing and protecting the landscape of the Lake District and Cumbria. We believe that the Lake District offers some of the most spectacular and precious landscapes in England. We take action to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of these landscapes for the benefit of visitors, local communities, wildlife and habitats.

Happy snapping. We're running the competition until Friday 16th June 2017 to give you a chance to capture some wild and wonderful scenes.

We'll be sharing competition entries via our Facebook album '2017 Photography Competition'. These are the images submitted so far if you're in need of a little inspiration. Please remember that we'll need pictures for all seasons to use in our calendar!

View our Facebook Album - '2017 Photography Competition'

Terms and Conditions

  • Photo captions must accompany all submissions, and should include the subject of the image, the location the image was taken, the name and age of the photographer(s).
  • You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit - including ownership if applicable. You only grant Friends of the Lake District rights (as described below) to your photograph.
  1. Use the photograph on the Internet in support of our mission.
  2. Use the photograph in Friends of the Lake District non-commercial communications.
  3. Provide your photograph to other individuals and organisations for non-commercial use, Friends of the Lake District-related use in news stories, newsletters, reports, slide shows, displays, web pages, and the like.
  4. Keep the files provided, and to archive the images on CD or in other electronic forms, so that your photos can be used to support our mission and be properly credited. Each entrant in the Contest is responsible for ensuring that he or she has the right to submit the photos that he or she submits to the Contest per these rules.
  5. By entering this competition you give Friends of the Lake District permission to contact you by email to notify you of results and to keep you up to date with our news.

Additional Information
• The competition is open to everyone.
• Photos can only be submitted by emailing a completed submission form together with images or an email containing all requested information.
• We can accept images in all formats although jpg, tif, png, bmp and the easiest for us to deal with.
• Please hang on to the original copies of your images as we may request them if you are successful and we need to publish your images in print.
• Each winner will receive complimentary copies of our 2017 Christmas Card sets and 2018 calendar.
• We’ll use five winter images in our 2017 Christmas card sets and one image for each month of the year for our 2018 calendar.
• Submitters of images used on our 2017 Card or calendar will receive a complimentary set of our 2017 cards and a 2018 Calendar.
• Winners will be fully credited for images used.
• Entries will be shortlisted by Friends of the Lake District staff and final winners selected at our AGM by members and trustees on 1st July 2017.
• Winners will be contacted using the email address submitted with their entries.