We have now completed two fabulous walks to support people’s wellbeing and mental health, both funded by the Friends of the Lake District. Our walks provide the opportunity for participants to walk alongside mountain leaders, coaches, counsellors or therapists in a relaxed manner.  

Both of our walks took place in beautiful Lake District National Park settings, which helped participants to step away from the pressures and challenges of daily life, spending time outdoors, walking, talking and listening, as well as exploring how mindfulness can support our enjoyment and wellbeing. Those who join us tend to arrive as strangers - connecting with nature and each other - and leave as friends. 

Our first walk on Saturday 24th February was in the glorious Langdale valley, where the Great Langdale Beck and surrounding gentle, lowland hills were the backdrop for our journey. The high mountain tops, with a sprinkling of snow and glimpses of bright blue sky added to the experience.

The inevitable nervousness of joining a group and meeting new people quickly eased away as participants shared with each other in a safe, confidential space. The general feedback was that people enjoyed being with others who understood and could relate to each other without trying to ‘fix’ or judge.

Our second walk on Saturday 27th April led us to the top of Place Fell where we reached the summit together as a group. Along the ascent we stopped to introduce participants to mindfulness techniques and share personal stories and reflections. After a traditional summit photograph to mark our achievement, we started the descent which led us to the beautiful Ullswater Water Way on the shore of the lake.

There were several more stops for the group to learn further mindfulness techniques, calming techniques and to connect with nature. There were opportunities throughout the walk for participants to speak with the Mind Over Mountains team to receive professional support for anything they wished to talk about. One participant expressed how immediately at ease they felt within the group. 

Since returning home, several group members have shared that they have been practising the techniques they learned and have been taking opportunities to get outside in nature. Some participants have also shared their reflections on the walk and how it has helped them to think positively about their current challenges.

Time in nature, connecting with others and sharing a journey bring such positive and lasting benefits for us all.

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