The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

We are still gathering results of our 2022 Great Cumbrian Litter Pick on 21st and 22nd May, as people return from their Jubilee Weekend celebrations and half term fun. If you haven’t sent us your results yet please do! 

We had groups and individuals right across Cumbria taking part, from Carlisle and Whitehaven, the fell tops of Catbells and Pike O’Stickle, to the shores and becks of Ullswater and right down to Grange and Cartmel. Our current tally is at over 300 volunteers covering a distance of 100 miles while collecting rubbish, with many groups still to report back. It’s been an incredible effort by all.

The annual event, organised by conservation charity Friends of the Lake District, brought together schools, community groups, organisations and businesses to highlight the problems of littering and the huge amount of voluntary work that goes into keeping the county clean.

Photo: Cartmel Primary School children taking part in the Great Cumbrian Litter Pick

Kay Andrews, Landscape Engagement Officer said, “The Great Cumbrian Litter Pick takes place over two days, but many of the people who took part are regularly out litter picking whether that’s through a litter picking group, work, school or individually, communities are constantly tidying up after others. At the end of 2020, we commissioned Keep Britain Tidy to undertake research looking into why people litter and recommending interventions that we can trial to influence behaviour change. There’s no quick and easy solution to the litter problem but while we work on ways to educate and communicate more widely and effectively to change behaviours, volunteers are carrying out a vital task whilst helping to spread the message of LEAVE NO TRACE. I hope one day they won’t have to!” 

Some of the items found included socks, balls, large pieces of metal, fishing line and nets, BBQs, silage bags as well as the ever-present cans, bottles and dog poo bags.

One volunteer said: “I’m just glad to give some form of give-back to the Ullswater area we know and love”. 

Above: Spring to Sea CIC volunteers and rubbish collected, Great Cumbrian Litter Pick 22

Thanks to all who got involved and to our event sponsors the European Outdoor Conservation Association and The North Face Explore Fund.

See all our Great Cumbrian Litter Pick Supporters and litter research on our website.

Photo: Rubbish sorted for recycling, by St Benedict's School, Whitehaven.