Native Tree Sapling - £24

Plant a small native tree sapling with a protective guard to create new woodlands. More of these areas are needed within the Lake District to protect soils from erosion created by flooding and storms, as well as to offset the other impacts of climate change whilst providing more natural habitats for future fauna.
Plant an Established Tree - £150

Plant an established native tree with its own fence to offer protection from grazing, for future generations to enjoy and shelter under. Trees will be likely to be either an oak or rowan, planted on the organisation's land to benefit wildlife and the landscape.
Repair an Eroded Footpath - £99

Restore a metre of eroded footpath, stopping silt from washing into lakes and threatening aquatic wildlife, preventing ugly scars on the landscape and allowing walkers to continue to enjoy the fells and paths in the Lake District.
Bee Hotel - £12
Your gift of a bed for bees for 9 months in our bee hotel will help us save our solitary bees which are vanishing from Britain. The 200 species of solitary bees are important pollinators, so losing them would be disastrous for the environment. We plan to help the bees by putting bee hotels (made by our volunteers) on all our land and enhancing their habitats.
Help a Hay Meadow -£18

Your gift of a square metre of Hay Meadow on one of our properties, will be providing indescribable beauty as it flowers throughout the summer, encouraging wildlife and providing a wealth of food for butterflies and bees, helping to return area of land in the Lake District to their natural state.
A Metre of Dry Stone Wall - £48

Fund the rebuild of a metre of dry stone wall in the traditional method - by hand.
Dry stone walls are a beautiful and traditional method of keeping livestock where they should be, creating a patchwork landscape typical of the northern uplands.