An all-in Deposit Return Scheme will cut litter, boost recycling and help our countryside: have your say

In 2018 the government committed to introducing a Bottle Deposit Return Scheme. Three years later, a scheme has been delayed until at least 2024. We can’t let that happen. You can help by replying to the consultation about it now, and CPRE have created a handy guide to filling it in here:

We want to send the Government a message that’s more detailed, more personalised, and more difficult to ignore. To do that, we’re asking you to respond directly to the government consultation on Deposit Return Schemes.

You can respond in either 5 minutes or 15 minutes with our easy guides. Can you add your perspective to the evidence the government is compiling for an all-in deposit return scheme?

When the Scottish government received thousands of responses to their DRS consultation, there was a clear public mandate: give us an all-in deposit return scheme, without delay.

Months later, the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of an all-in DRS – showing public pressure works.

Now we can do the same here. Ministers don’t want to be seen as behind the curve on the litter crisis – together we can tell the government exactly what’s needed, and that we’ll settle for nothing less.

In partnership with other leading environmental organisations, CPRE (of which we are part) has created a 5-minute guide and a 15-minute guide to help you respond to the most important questions in the consultation.

We’ve suggested some answers to help you do this but we recommend personalising it as much as you’d like for greater impact.
We know this is a bigger ask than we’d normally send you but we can guarantee that your action will have an impact.

Government officials need to read every individual response to the consultation, so each submission counts.

Many people would like the dilution and delay of DRS to sneak through unnoticed. But we know this is a public issue and so we need the public to respond.

If you can spare a few moments, you can make a big difference to the campaign.