Update 29th October 2020 - Carlisle Southern Link Road Consultation

The Carlisle Southern Link Road has now been approved by Cumbria County Council

Update 14th September 2020

We attended a technical stakeholder workshop in Autumn 2019 to contribute to working up the detailed proposals for the garden village, including reiterating our messages about how the setting of protected landscapes, green infrastructure and sustainable travel should feature in the plans. We were also pleased to learn that the Garden Village will be subject to its own local plan document, meaning that specific policies for the Garden Village will be drawn up against which each of the planning applications will be assessed. Further information and latest updates can be found here. This project is closely linked with the Carlisle Southern Link Road application, which is progressing and which we recently commented on 

Update 14th September 2020 - Carlisle Southern Link Road Consultation 

We have recently submitted a response to the planning application for the link road. Whilst we recognise that the link road has Government support and is likely to go ahead, we have reiterated concerns raised earlier in the process about the principle of building the new road, explaining why more sustainable travel solutions should be prioritised.

Our full response can be read here

Update 15th July 2019 - Carlisle Southern Link Road Consultation

We have now submitted our full written response to the Carlisle Southern Link Road public consultation. You can view or download our submission at this link.

Carlisle Southern Link Road Public Consultation Response (pdf)

Update 29th April 2019 - Carlisle Southern Link Road Consultation

Cumbria County Council is currently carrying out a public consultation about proposals for the new Carlisle Southern Link Road.  The consultation closes on 12th July. 

The proposal is closely associated with St Cuthbert’s Garden Village, which will involve around 10,000 homes being built south of Carlisle. Both projects have financial backing from the Government and so are highly likely to go ahead.

The consultation enables residents to view and comment on the proposed route of the road and details such as location of junctions and bridges and opportunities for cycle provision and green infrastructure alongside the scheme. Friends of the Lake District will be responding to the consultation in detail once we have had a closer look at the proposals.

The consultation can be found online at https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/cslr/  and there are a series of public drop in events in Carlisle (see webpage for details).

Update 14 August 2018

We are pleased to see that preferences expressed in our earlier comments for smaller expansions to several settlements rather than one huge extension to Carlisle have been taken on board. We also welcome the many positive intentions set out in the consultation document, particularly for green infrastructure. However, we still have some concerns, including over the scale of and justification for the development; the reliance of the project on increasing road capacity through a southern link road; the likelihood of these positive ambitions materialising in the final plans and the lack of evidence of proper consideration of landscape and visual impacts.

Read our latest response here

Update 2 August 2018

The deadline for the public to respond to this consultation is 10th August. There will be further opportunities to respond further along in the process though.

Update 28th March 2018

We have responded to the first consultation about the proposed 'garden village' south of Carlisle.

The UK government has indicated that it is minded to support the development of an entirely new and very large settlement of up to 10,000 homes to the south of Carlisle and has awarded some initial funding for the development of this concept.

Read our full response here.