Light pollution is spreading rapidly in the region, even though relatively speaking, Cumbria has darker skies than the rest of the north west. Between 1993 and 2000 the average night time brightness in Cumbria grew 40-fold. Light pollution wastes electricity and in doing so contributes to air pollution and climate change (Night Blight in the NW, CPRE 2003).

Impacts of our work:

  • a See the Stars project in 2011
  • a Dark Sky event in Ennerdale with Low Gillerthwaite Field Study Centre in Oct 2011
  • a Dark Sky Beer Festival with Langdale Estate and Wainwright’s Inn in Oct 2011
  • a light pollution survey of Keswick with SusKes in 2011 and producing our own Stargazing Guide. 
  • We ran a Secret Windermere project between 2011 – 2013 as part of the HLF funded Windermere Reflections programme. Tranquillity and dark skies were themes within this, with work being done with 2 primary schools on dark skies and a public moonlight canoeing event on Windermere.