Footpath Gift (£99)

We've got a new and exciting footpath gift coming up, if you'd like more information please email us [email protected]Read more

Bee Hotel Gift (£12)

Give a gift to help save our solitary bees by providing them with a bee B & B.Read more

Hay Meadow Gift (£18)

Give a gift to look after a beautiful and ecologically rich upland hay meadow.Read more

Mature Tree Gift (£150)

Give a gift that will last for generations to come, help wildlife and be an iconic landscape feature in its own right.Read more

Native Tree Sapling (£24)

Give a gift that will last a lifetime and provide a much needed home for wildlife.Read more

Dry Stone Wall Gift (£48)

Fund the repair of these important heritage features and keep our countryside looking attractive as well as our fields stock proof.Read more

Gift Membership

Give a gift that makes a real difference to the Lake District. Our gift membership is an ideal present for someone who loves the Lakes. Includes personalised card and free book.Read more