Light pollution is covering the earth’s surface at an astonishing rate of 2% every year. That’s bad for star gazing, bad for wildlife and bad for human well-being.

As part of the first Cumbria Dark Skies Festival, join Grizedale Arts for a workshop where you can help take back the night. Explore, design and make decorative yet practical shields for domestic outdoor lighting.  Make your outdoor spaces more dark skies friendly and down light only what you really need to light.

Of course we need to light the night sometimes. But we also need to be sensitive to the impact it has on the tranquillity of the landscape and its contribution to the alarming decline of wildlife that relies on the cover of darkness for its activities.

This very first ‘design and development’ light cowling workshop will be led by local Cumbrian makers Tom Philipson and Adam Sutherland. Using woodwork, pottery and other DIY making techniques, the aim is for finished products that are effective AND pleasingly decorative during daylight hours.

No previous experience is necessary. The workshop will be held at Greenodd Village Hall from 10 – 4pm on Saturday 22 February and includes a home-cooked lunch. Cost is £35 and includes all materials,
Image: What you could make - a decorative lighting cowl

Friends of the Lake District Dark Skies Officer, Johanna Korndorfer, says: ‘This type of workshop is a first within Dark Sky Festivals. A lot of people still don’t think light pollution is a big deal in the countryside. But it is having a massive effect on nocturnal wildlife. People want to feel they can make a difference. This workshop will allow you to explore and share creative solutions to the problem and that you can then take back and use in your own home or garden.’

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