We were delighted that our Dark Skies project officer and star stargazer Johanna Korndorfer was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live recently. The radio show’s hosts’, Nicky Campbell and Clare McDonnell, interest was piqued by the news that local authorities in Geneva, Switzerland, were switching off the city’s lights for a night to allow the stars to shine through.

Nicky was keen to hear what our Dark Skies Cumbria project will achieve. Johanna explained that the project aims to recognise how wonderful our Cumbria dark skies are and protect them for future generations. Johanna said ‘We don’t realise how much light we’re really using. Two percent of the earth’s surface is covered in more light per year. Fifty percent of animals are nocturnal and all of this extra light is very disruptive to them’.

Nicky Campbell summed it up nicely when he said ‘If the lights are off, you see the most beautiful sky. You see the sky of the ancient mariner’. Hi co-presenter Clare McDonnell added ‘You realise we are just all tiny little specs in the big universe’. 

You can hear the interview on https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0008rc4 from 57 minutes.