You will be aware that we have cancelled or postponed all of our planned events and activities until we know it is safe to proceed.  We have also taken other steps to reduce the risks to our staff, volunteers and everyone we work with. So our office is now closed and staff will be working from home.

This is particularly disappointing given that we have really started to develop momentum with most of our projects. The second season of our archaeological survey was half way through when the latest guidance was produced. So we have taken the decision to halt the survey but hope to reschedule a further week in the early autumn.

Of course none of us quite know how this will pan out but we will be putting our time to good effect. We’ll be thinking about some activities that people can engage in without putting anyone at risk, particularly once things ease off. And our new small grants scheme Love Your Landscape is up and running. So there’s time to start getting your ideas together, even if we can’t meet yet to discuss them. Keep an eye too on our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Finally, just to say that although we’ll be working remotely we all remain contactable by email so do keep in contact.