Save Our Lake District (SOLD)

Zip wires, recreational 4x4s and motorbikes, gondolas or poorly considered path surfaces are all symptoms of a wider problem. We now find the Lake District National Park being ridiculed in the press and enough was enough. It is time for action.

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The campaign has recently entered a positive phase. This week we have launched  ‘I want to be in the Lake District’. This is asking people to post photos and text saying why they want to be here and what inspires them about the place.  This will give us lots of positive reasons why people want to be here. We will use this as evidence to show what people really care about- that it’s about getting out and enjoying the landscape, tranquillity and nature of the Lake District rather than foxed attractions like zip wires and gondola’s.  Some people have already posted and you can see what people think here 

Houseboats off Grasmere had a brilliant campaign which saw off the threat of Gentleman’s Yachts on Grasmere.  We have followed this up with a request to the National Park Authority that the Small Lakes Bylaws be changed to clarify that the restrictions against power driven vessels include those that might have electric motors.  We are also seeking a general reduction in the size of the boats to 18ft in length.  The proposed ‘gentleman’s yachts’ were 40ft. 

Our staff continue to be involved in the National Park Partnership. A new National Park Management Plan will be consulted upon this summer. It is important that as many people as possible respond to this consultation. With the crises in nature, climate change and Brexit this next plan is pivotal in how the management of the Lake District is framed over the coming years.  We have emphasised the need for real and thorough consultation this summer and will let members and supporters know when the consultation will be taking place so that you can add your voice.