Don’t Stop

(with apologies to Fleetwood Mac...)

If you want to come to the Lakes.

If you’ve missed all your special breaks

Open your senses and take it all in

But plan where you’re going to begin.


Don’t stop coming up to see us

Don’t stop, we’d love to see you here.

It’ll be as good as it was before

Absence means that you’ve missed it more.


Be aware you may have an impact

Communities shouldn’t feel attacked

Local people live and work here

To be respected by the sightseer


Don’t stop coming up to see us

Don’t stop, we’re glad you’re coming back

Do you need to use your car so much

Move around with a gentle touch


That open country’s not publicly owned

For visitor use it has just been “loaned”

Nobody’s paid to pick up your mess

Stuff left behind causes someone distress


Don’t drop rubbish on your travels

Don’t leave, anything behind

It’ll spoil someone else’s walk

Threatening our wildlife and livestock


The Countryside Code is not hard to use

Respect people and place, please don’t abuse

Protect the environment, show it some care

Enjoy, bring back only memories from there.


Don’t stop caring for our landscape

Don’t forget the people who live here

There’s room for us all, if we show respect

No more or no less than we should expect.