Individual applicants.

Applicants with no bank account or formal terms of reference.

Core costs such as staff time, office rent and equipment, etc. plus accommodation and food.

Works on private land where there is no public access

Works which are statutory requirements, eg footpath maintenance

Retrospective works.

Ongoing maintenance, eg grass cutting

Village halls or other community buildings unless clear cultural heritage significance.

Applicants who have a bad track record (financial management, project delivery)

Projects or applicants which conflict with FLD policy principles, eg permanent fell fencing, infrastructure in the open countryside, large scale development.

Grants for land purchase by other organisations

Non cast iron signposts.

Children’s playgrounds.

Grants for a repeat project, e.g. extension of a project already funded. We will consider fund applicants more than once for different projects, but priority will be given to new applicants.

Projects eligible for funding from public sources, eg Countryside Stewardship.

Capital purchases for equipment

More than one application per year from the same applicant.