18th November 2021

We are pleased to report that these applications were both refused on 3rd November 2021.

22nd October 2021

Both of these proposals are to make temporary car parks more permanent. The proposal at Waterfoot relates to a car park that was installed to enable people to park whilst access to Pooley Bridge was restricted whilst the new bridge was being installed after the old bridge was washed away in Storm Desmond. The current proposal is to extend the use for a further two years. The proposal in Coniston is on a site that has previously been refused for a very similar development. This new proposal was to operate seasonally between March and November until the end of 2022.

Despite being only temporary proposals, we have previously made clear to the LDNPA our view that it is important that the presence of temporary car parks does not set a precedent for more permanent development and that allowing applications for further temporary periods may eventually lead to difficulty resisting permanent car parks.

Some of the concerns mentioned above also apply to the proposed car parks at Waterfoot and Lands Field and we fully support the reasons for the recommended refusal of these applications, which focus on landscape impacts and the lack of integration with sustainable transport measures.
You can read our responses to these proposals here:
Waterfoot (pdf)>
Lands Field (pdf)>

There are some differences in the circumstances and the parts of the key policies that are relevant, and these differences appear to account for the difference in the recommendation between the these applications and that for Ullock Moss. Ultimately, though, new car park proposals conflict with the clear need to move away from car-based travel and to incentivise and develop a range of sustainable and integrated alternatives that will reduce harm to the landscape and enhance people’s enjoyment of their visit to the Lake District as well as reducing carbon emissions.  

New car parks may have a role in certain situations, but only where they have a clear function within an integrated and strategic approach that genuinely supports a shift towards more sustainable travel. The LDNP have been very clear that this is their view too and we will be urging them to bear this in mind as they make their decisions.
You can find a link to live stream the development control committee meeting and read the committee reports for all three proposals here www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/aboutus/committee-meetings-calendar/development_control_committee/development-control-committee-3-november-2021