Hedgerows: includes planting, laying and maintenance

Walls: renewal and repair of dry-stone walls, new walls instead of fences, etc

Tree planting & woodlands: native tree planting in woodlands, public spaces, schools etc as well as conversion from coniferous to native broadleaved; initial moves to more active woodland management.

Path/Access/Bridges: includes repairs, new pathways, disability access and new access gates.

Landscape and wildlife gardens: includes sensory, environmental awareness and community gardens.

Cultural heritage features: includes restoration of features such as pumps, wells, cobbles, limekilns, cast iron signposts, pinfolds, etc.

Landscape restoration and enhancement: enhancement to landscape areas such as bogs and moors, coastal areas, woodland (see above), village greens, ponds, other village areas, common land, with benefits to flora and fauna.

Climate change mitigation or sustainability projects, eg tree planting, habitat restoration

Events: informative events, walks, displays, etc which connect people to the landscape in some way (e.g. by focusing on landscape, flora and fauna, land management or celebrating local events and cultural heritage). Events/activities will be encouraged which increase understanding about the countryside/natural environment; encourage access to the countryside for everyone; give an opportunity for people to visit a place they would not normally go, and may contribute to health and wellbeing. Please note that priority will be given to landscape enhancement projects rather than events