We have provided a brief outline of the main issues and policy conflicts arising from this application which you may want to refer to. They are detailed below:

  • Conflict with the purposes of the National Park
  • Impacts upon the landscape character of the Thirlmere Valley
  • Impacts upon visual amenity
  • Impacts upon the tranquillity, particularly on the western shore of Thirlmere
  • Increased transport pressures
  • Impact on World Heritage Site Outstanding Universal Value.
  • The issue of precedent – if this development was approved it would open up the whole Lake District National Park and other national parks to inappropriate development
  • Introducing commercial development to an area where it was not present. Whilst this application does not include any ancillary commercial development we consider that it is likely that further development could follow on the back of this if approved.
  • It is classed as a major development as it is over 1ha in size (38.8 ha) and therefore should only be approved if it is of National Significance or is in the Public Interest

The policies below are contained within the Lake District National Park Core Strategy (the document used by the Planners to assess the application). At present we consider these to be the main policies the proposals conflict with.

You can see our full response to this application here

CS01: National Significance and distinctive nature of the Lake District

CS02: Achieving vibrant and sustainable settlements

CS04: North Distinctive Area

CS11: Sustainable Development Principles

CS12: Major Development

CS24: Delivering Sustainable Tourism

CS25: Protecting the Spectacular Landscape

CS27: The acclaimed Historic Environment