Lorton Housing update 14th June 2017

A new application has been submitted for Outline permission for residential development (7/2017/2129) at Croft Barn Low Lorton. The Planning Officer is currently assessing this proposal and will submit a representation in due course. The application remains on the same site as 7/2016/2245 which we objected to on the basis of adverse landscape impacts. The current application can be accessed here by typing 7/2017/2129 in planning reference box http://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display

26th April 2017

We have recently worked with local residents in Lorton on an outline proposal for 5 dwellings which we believed would have a detrimental impact on the landscape character and visual amenity of the area including damage to the distinctive views South West across the valley to the High Fells.

Whilst we recognise the need to deliver housing within the National Park we considered that the perceived need in this case did not outweigh the impact upon landscape character. This application went before the April Development Control Committee and has now been refused.

OUr full written response is available to view / download here: 7_2016_2245_LOW_LORTON_FLD_.pdf