Lord Tony Greaves is a Liberal Democrat and member of the House of Lords. He is known for his philosophical and campaigning contribution to Liberalism, Tony moved the keystone amendment at the Liberal Assembly in 1970 which committed his party to an approach which was to prove crucial to its survival during the 1970s.

In the ten years to the middle 1980s Tony set up and worked as Organising Secretary of the Association of Liberal Councillors (ALC) from its conveniently central HQ at Hebden Bridge in the West Yorkshire Pennines. During this time the organisation grew from a small desk and phone in a Sunday schoolroom to a successful national network and resource centre promoting and supporting a massive growth in local Liberal campaigning and numbers of Councillors (from 700 to 2600 during Tony's time and a later peak of twice that number).

For a further five years Tony ran his party's publications company (also from Hebden Bridge). He then took some time out helping the Liberal Democrats win the Ribble Valley by-election before "retiring" to spend time developing a "hobby business" dealing in out-of-print political books, pamphlets and memorabilia - specialising in elections and "everything Liberal".

Lord Greaves says "I was also thrilled to be able to help to get the Countryside and Rights of Way Act into law back in 2000 and to again be involved with the coastal access provisions in the Marine and Coastal Access Bill on which I led for the Liberal Democrats in the Lords. Its things like this that mean I can perhaps repay a little of the huge amount I have got from the mountains and moorlands of this country, over so many years, as a climber, hill walker, geographer and botanist".