3rd November 2020

Local Occupancy properties 

We welcome plans to create a definitive list of properties subject to local occupancy clauses in the Lake District following calls from a Keswick Councillor and local residents. Enforcing the proper use of properties with local occupancy restrictions is important, but this is difficult without comprehensive and up-to-date information about which properties are affected. 

It's vital that a good variety of accommodation options are available for welcome visitors, but a high proportion of properties in Keswick  and many other areas of the National Park are second homes or holiday lets. This not only affects the sustainability and viability of a community but also means that there is greater demand to build new homes to make up for the loss  of access to the existing housing stock for local people. This makes it especially important that those homes that are restricted to local use are kept that way, and that breaches can be easily recognised and acted upon.