Grant application process:

  • If you are interested in submitting a grant application please do contact us first. It may be that your project is already covered by funding within one of the scheme’s other projects. We can also advise you on your application and guide you through the process
  • Please ensure that when you submit your application it is a strong as it can be with match funding in place, supporting evidence and a clear idea of when you can commence; if not we may have to defer a decision and ask you to submit further information
  • There are quarterly deadlines each year which will be on the last Friday of the month in February, May, August and November; in 2021 they will be:
    • Friday 26th February
    • Friday 28th May
    • Friday 27th August
    • Friday 26th November
  • Each application will then be considered by a small panel drawn from the Friends of the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • The decisions will then be reported to the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership Board at its meetings in July, October, January and April, after which the decision will be confirmed
  • At that point you will be asked to complete a grant acceptance form and agree a programme and reporting requirements with the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership team

Anyone here at the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership team should be able to help you if you’re interested in applying so please do give us a ring on 01539 756620 or come to see us at our offices at Tebay. 

Completed application forms and supporting information should be emailed to Penny McMullen at [email protected] or by post to the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership, Unit 1B, the Sidings, Tebay, Penrith, CA10 3XR.