4th February 2021

Like many people, we fully recognise the ongoing and growing issues relating to parking and vehicle numbers in the Portinscale and Catbells area, and the need to address these. 

While a new car park might seem the obvious response to parking problems, the proposed 150-space permanent car park for Cat Bells at Ullock Moss, south of Portinscale, near Keswick, is not an appropriate solution for a number of reasons. 

Key reasons we have taken this approach are: 

  • The Lake District National Park Authority’s (LDNPA) own clearly stated vision for sustainable transport in the national park hinges on reducing car-based visits and use of more sustainable modes of travel to, from and around the national park. A new car park in open countryside will undermine this plan.
  • The LDNPA’s own planning policies (current and proposed) require that new car parks are only permitted when they are a proven and integral part of a strategic plan for sustainable travel in the area and meet certain other criteria. This proposal is not part of a strategic plan and does not meet the other criteria.
  • The proposal will necessitate and encourage cars to travel through Portinscale village, exacerbating rather than helping to resolve issues there.
  • The proposal is reliant on some measures being agreed and implemented by other parties and there is no assurance of this.
  • A new car park and shuttle bus terminus would not conserve and enhance the character and special qualities and attributes of the National Park and World Heritage Site, including tranquillity, as is required by planning policy and legislation.
  • Please note: regardless of the outcome of the planning application, the temporary car park could re-open this year for up to 56 days without planning permission under national permitted development rights.

We have set these out in our letter of objection to the plans and urge our members and supporters to do the same. You can read it here:

Ullock Moss response (pdf) 

Comments on the proposal can be made to the Lake District National Park Authority until a decision is made (likely to be 5th May at the earliest). Please quote application reference number 7/2020/2291.

Further instructions for commenting on planning proposals are available here.

20th January 2021

Before Christmas a planning application was submitted to the Lake District National Park for a new car park at Ullock Moss, south of Portinscale, close to Catbells. The area had been used for temporary parking last summer.  The applicants had carried out some pre-application consultation at the time and we made our concerns clear at the time which can be seen in our initial response.

Members and supporters may wish to look at and comment on the application. 

Comments can be accepted up until the 5th March. The application can be viewed on the Park Authority website.

Follow this link and enter planning reference number 7/2020/2291 in the search box to view the latest information for this proposal on the Park Authority website.

29th July 2020

We have today submitted a written response to the consultation Ullock Moss, Portinscale Car Park.

We very much welcome the principle of managing the situation around access to Catbells and in principle may support the idea of park and ride type proposals. However, we think there are a number of issues around this particular location.

Read our full response here>

29th June 2020

A pre application consultation is being carried out by Crosby Granger Architects for a proposed car park at Ullock Moss, Portinscale. 

We think the proposal raises concerns around the principle of a car park at this location, how this fits with planning policy and potential landscape impacts upon the site and its surroundings.  We will be looking carefully at the proposal and responding accordingly. 

The link below provides information on the proposal and a link to survey monkey for your views.  The consultation runs until 31 July.