English Lakes Tours is a family-run business offering unique half-day, full-day and private guided tours in the Lake District and surrounding areas.

We also specialise in literary tours, delving into the lives of the Lake District literary giants such as Beatrix Potter, William Wordsworth, John Ruskin, Arthur Ransome and extend our tour locations out to Haworth in Yorkshire to cover the Bronte sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

English Lakes Tours is delighted to be supporting the Friends of the Lake District. We feel very strongly that our relationship with the Lake District, the people and the places, the wildlife and environment is extremely important. We always try to tread lightly on environmental issues and we respect the privacy, property, culture and lives of the local people to make sure that our guests get a warm welcome wherever and whenever they go.

We know that we are very lucky that this area is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site and also a National Park so that the unique beauty and culture of the area is protected. Outside of the National Park, we are surrounded by pockets of countryside officially classed as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, some also named Areas of Special Scientific Interest due to the habitats they encompass. We also have a beautiful coastline well-known for its magnificent sunsets, teaming with wildlife, a perfect oasis for nature and solitude.

We aren’t a big company, just a family run business operating out of Windermere in the southern part of the Lake District. Our local, friendly and knowledgeable guides share their love of this outstanding area with select groups and curious independent travellers who want to experience the Lake District, not just pass through it.

We want every visitor to fall in love with the Lakes just as much as we all have, but most of all we want the Lakes to be well cared for and looked after for future generations to enjoy and be at peace in this outstandingly beautiful place.


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