10th November 2021

Read our response to the Cumbria Transport Infrastructure Plan here.

22nd October 2021

We have now prepared our response to the Cumbria Transport Infrastructure Plan. Our main concern is that it appears to be using 20th Century transport solutions for 21st Century transport and climate problems.  Cumbria’s transport issues for residents, businesses and visitors alike will not be solved by more and wider roads, nor will they be solved by gimmicks like driverless pods.  In addition, Cumbria will not reach net zero carbon by 2037 if this plan is implemented in its current form. 

Cumbrian residents deserve a transport systems that allows them access to different types of reliable, safe, clean transport along with decent broadband which means that they don’t have to travel to access services and goods. Visitors to our amazing landscapes should be able to enjoy the scenery without stressing about finding somewhere to park, or missing the last bus after a long walk. 

What is needed is a visionary plan for transport which means that people don’t have to use their cars if they don’t want to.  We need a vision for a low carbon transport system in Cumbria which is accessible both physically and financially for residents and visitors alike.  Unfortunately, this plan in the main does not provide this vision and instead concentrates on compounding the mistakes of the past that have led to congestion in the Lake District, lack of access to public transport for residents in rural areas and the absolute need to have a car to travel within the county even if you don’t want one or can’t afford one.

*Our full response will be available early this week once submitted so do check back as we'll be posting the full text here.

See a copy of the plan and submit your own comments

The consultation closes on Monday 25th October.

Cumbria County Council and the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership have put together a draft Transport Infrastructure Plan (CTIP) which is currently out for consultation.  Whilst there are some fine words about sustainable communities, public transport and digital connectivity, the heart of the Plan sees bypasses and road upgrades proposed for Kendal, Ulverston, Whitehaven and perhaps most ominously of all, the A66 and A590 trunk roads where they run through the Lake District. 

Friends of the Lake District is bitterly disappointed to see this “business as usual” take on transport in a time of climate crisis, when landscape damage and wildlife loss need to be addressed not exacerbated.  In order to meet Zero Carbon Cumbria’s target of net zero emissions by 2037, journeys need to be reduced. 

We cannot understand how Cumbria County Council which is fully signed up to net zero by 2037, can put forward such a climate-budget busting plan.  It shows a huge cognitive dissonance at work within the council between climate and landscape damaging business as usual and the push for a sustainable Zero Carbon Cumbria. 

Friends of the Lake District will be objecting to those parts of the plan which propose more road development, damages landscape or increases emissions, whilst supporting those parts of the plan that aim to provide sustainable transport within the county. 

The consultation closes on Monday 25th October. You can see a copy of the plan and make comments here https://cumbria.citizenspace.com/cumbria-county-council/ctip/